• Topher Speth

Shipper Product Feature - Quick BOL

Creating a bill of lading (BOL) manually might not allow you to enter all of your shipping information. This can lead to inaccuracies and a more time consuming process. When it comes to quick and easy shipping, MyCarrierTMS has you covered with Quick BOL.

What problems does Quick BOL solve?

If you don't have a quick BOL, then freight is complicated. There's a lot of times where something comes up in our system - or any system - where an automated BOL doesn't account for it well. A shipper might need to provide some details outside of what a typical automated BOL will allow. You still need to create a freight bill for the manual BOL. That's where our Quick BOL comes in handy; it allows users to create a freight bill for any situation.

What is Quick BOL?

Quick BOL is a quick way to make manual BOLs. Quick BOL allows them to set up a freight bill regardless of the normal rules that applies to BOL creation. This in turn saves users time because they can save Quick BOLS and reuse them later if they have repeated shipments. Users have access to all of the tools they'd normally have in the quote creation process to make BOL easier like address lookup, product list, and more. Creating quick BOLs also makes BOL creation more accurate than it would be otherwise due to accepting more shipment information.

How to get started with Quick BOL

Our quick BOL is accessible to all customers through the MyCarrierTMS toolbar. It's easy to use and can take as little as 2 minutes to create.

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