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Shipper Product Feature - LTL Shipment Tracking

The Woes of LTL Shipment Tracking

Tracking your LTL shipments is likely much easier today than it was 5 years ago. That’s not to say, however, that carrier websites have it all figured out. Sure, you can enter a Carrier PRO and get back tracking information. Try to track off of your Shipment BOL or PO number however, and you’re likely out of luck. Each person you want to share the tracking information with needs a carrier-accepted reference number. You may not want to share this information with your customer, and they surely don’t want to have to keep track of it for the purpose of tracking anyhow.

Aside from the rigid data needs, you’re also probably spending too much time jumping between carrier websites to get tracking information. When things get busy, you may not even remember which carrier it was that picked up the freight in the first place. Trying to find and track shipments is going to cost you precious minutes every day.

MyCarrier Does Tracking Better

When you track in MyCarrier, shipments from all your carriers are in one place. Using our calendar page, you can see by day when pickups and deliveries are expected, along with a tracking summary for each shipment. If you need detailed information, the full log of every past tracking status for the shipment is a single click away. This is perfect for resolving issues with shipments at risk of getting lost or delayed, since you’ll see full terminal information tied to each part of the journey.

You and your team can find the shipments you want to track with ease and flexibility, being able to search for your shipments using any of your reference numbers, not just PRO. Even without a reference, you’ll be able to look shipments up by their key details, to locate the shipment fast, without having to visit multiple sites.

Most importantly, you can keep your customers in the loop. Every MyCarrier shipment can easily be shared to your customer email address, and any other email address you want to keep informed. Your MyCarrier account can even be configured to automatically share tracking to the consignee, with no further action needed on your part. With these tools, you’ll be keeping your customer better informed, and saving a ton of your own time to boot.

How to Use It

Shipment tracking in MyCarrier can be accessed a few ways:

  1. A shipment tracking summary can be viewed for each shipment from the calendar or shipments list. Both pages can be searched by any of your reference numbers. The shipments page can also be searched by shipment attributes.

  2. Tracking details can be viewed on the shipment details page. The shipments details page can be accessed by clicking into individual shipments through the calendar or shipments list. From the details page, you can also share the tracking link with other users who may not have access.

  3. Public tracking via email allows anyone to access tracking for a shipment, as soon as they have the tracking link. These links go directly to a person’s email, either when automatic tracking emails are set up, or when someone in your organization shares the tracking link through the shipment details page.

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