• Katherine Perelas

2 Things To Keep In Mind Moving Into 2021

2020 has been a wild ride. We saw Australian wildfires, the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, murder hornets, riots, toilet paper shortages, locust swarms, and so much more mouthfuls of chaos that it's difficult to recall it all. It's calming to hear that this whirlwind of events have passed and we can look forward to a brighter year ahead. It's time to rise from the ashes of 2020. Here's 2 things we should all keep in mind when transitioning into the new year.

1. Self-Improvement

New years is a time for new beginnings. As is typical, think about your new year's resolutions. More importantly though, think about how far you've come in a year. What obstacles have you overcome? What goals have you achieved? Did you take time to relax and care for yourself? Did you discover a fun new hobby? We often like to take New Years as an opportunity to think of the "better" and forget to celebrate ourselves. Take some time to appreciate yourself, you're worth it.

2. Moving Forward With Covid-19

With 2021 comes new beginnings and new hope; covid-19 vaccines are beginning to be administered which could help to bring back a sense of normality (finally!). The end is near, but we're still in battle. Keep wearing your masks, washing your hands, and socially distancing so we can kick Covid-19 out of our plans for good.

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