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Creating efficiency through experience: An interview with Engyra & MyCarrierTMS COO Chris Scheid

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Discussing Chris Scheid's Journey & MyCarrierTMS.

Chris Scheid knows a thing or two about growth as well as adapting during uncontrollable conditions. His initial plan out of college was to work in commercial real estate, but the market had different plans and crashed during that time. However, through networking, Chris connected with GlobalTranz (a full-service transportation and logistics provider) and saw an immediate market opportunity.

GlobalTranz peaked his interest due to the fact the company was still growing steadily during the recession. Over the following years, Chris saw the company grow from 70 employees to over 600 and revenue increased by over 700%. Even with all that growth, Chris set out to revolutionize the transportation industry.

Why Build MyCarrierTMS?

Coming from the brokers side of the industry, we saw a need in the market for small to mid-market shippers. There wasn't the ability to access a TMS (Transportation Management System) without going through a broker. When you go through a broker, shippers will see a markup and you no longer own the relationship with carriers. There were a lot of things that I felt that were negatives on that side of the business.

We also saw a lot of redundancy in the model. For example: the carrier invoices the broker, the broker can potentially refuse the invoice, provide a markup, re-invoices and so on and so forth. The same situation can take place with a claim or anything with a dispute; you're adding a layer of phone tag in the transaction.

We saw the potential of devising a solution for the customer of having a self-serve, easy on-boarding TMS that they can set up themself in just a couple minutes and be shipping directly with all of their carriers instantly.

So our solution was to come up with a carrier neutral platform that our partners could resell to their customers. In-turn it would also benefit the partners operations by reducing an OR (Operating Ratio) and help their sales reps offer a technology to customers that can impact their everyday lives. By doing all that we were able to stay fair and neutral. That’s how we came up with MyCarrierTMS and started to develop it.

How is MyCarrierTMS disrupting the logistics market?

By providing this first opportunity for small to mid market shippers to access a cloud native application built for them that allows them to connect directly with their carriers. Prior to MyCarrier, if a customer wanted to do that, you needed considerable resources, consultants and an implementation team to put in a large TMS.

From a high-level perspective, MyCarrier is disrupting the market with its ability to democratize access to a TMS. We are eliminating the broker, giving the carrier direct access to the shipper as well as creating greater visibility. Our real-time API let’s carriers and shippers work in-sync along every step of the shipping process.

When a shipper uses MyCarrierTMS, what do you want them to experience when they make a shipment?

Simplicity. All of the endless hours we have spent on creating simplicity and workflows to allow users to save time and streamline their process makes everything extremely intuitive.

After onboarding, our goal is for customers (i.e. shippers) to see how easy it is to integrate their business in minutes.


About Chris Sheid

COO – CoFounder

Former VP Pricing and Director of Operations at GlobalTranz

Board member of MyCarrierTMS

Chris is a seasoned transportation professional and key architect of MyCarrierTMS.

Chris is the consummate thinker transforming the transportation industry in both freight efficiencies and improved deliveries. Chris spends his free time boating and tackling the outdoors as well as following the financial markets.

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