Carriers: 10 Reasons to Partner With MyCarrierTMS

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

With MyCarrierTMS, carriers can enjoy all of the benefits of a 3PL with none of the drawbacks.

If you've discovered this post, chances are that you're looking at switching to a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company. While 3PLs can offer some benefit, there is still some problems with booking through a 3PL for shippers and carriers alike. If you'd like to read more on the benefits of MyCarrierTMS for shippers, reasons for carriers to book with MyCarrierTMs over a 3PL, or problems that everyone experiences with a 3PL, click on those blue links.

Read more to discover 10 reasons for carriers to partner with MyCarrierTMS.

1. Carrier Automation Cost (pre-pro, dispatch, tracking, & labels)

Underrated by the customers but critical for carrier operations and keeps all your data organized and precise.

2. Better Line Haul & Service Decisions

This visibility now allows carriers to validate market share through data that includes what the carrier market share and lost opportunities are down to the shipper level.

3. Higher Margin

The Small Business Market traditionally has a higher margin and those customers jump from website to website to meet their needs (customers use 2-5 carriers on avg). Don't get caught on a customer's internal routing guide and stay relevant.

4. 80's OR On Customer Accounts

The MyCarrierTMS software allows for carriers to recognize customer potential through actionable analytics and visibility of freight flow in real-time. This lets carrier partners plan accordingly for city route driver planning, dock operations, and line haul operations.

5. Improved Revenue Per Bill Count - Up $27.00

The system compares carriers and performance allowing the option for customers to spend more money to fit their needs.

6. Promote New Services

As carriers expand service areas, add new offerings or drive new initiatives, the MyCarrierTMS platform is an effective way to reach your existing and new customer base.

7. Access to lane data

Pricing teams have access to lane data that was previously not available across markets.

8. Make It Branded

Customizable labels/landing pages to make it look and feel like your own.

9. LTL Rep / Executive portal

Aiding reps and leadership by allowing them to stay close to accounts and deliver value without being there in person.

10. Full training

Full training provided to the sales team and managers on the new sell of a multi-carrier platform.

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