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How to have a 2020 Office White Elephant in 4 Steps

Oh, Covid-19: Who would have thought the holidays would end up like this? Many family gatherings, office parties, and new years plans have been canceled in the name of safety. While we should all take care and abide by safety guidelines published by the CDC, the holidays don't have to go stale. Here's how to have a 2020 office white elephant gift-exchange that is sure to entertain.

1. Out of Office - Don't Forget Your Remotes!

If you've stumbled across this guide for 2020 office white elephant parties, chances are that you know coworkers that work remotely. If they want to participate, have them drop off their gift outside, mail it in, or be prepared with an electronic key or I.O.U. You can also have an entirely remote party by having gifters hold their own presents on a video call and unwrapping them when "chosen" by others. Steals can still happen in this, too! Just be sure to write down whose gift is whose to keep track.

2. In Office - Keep Your Distance

Throughout the day, we placed our gifts in the center of the room for everyone to see. This can help reduce everyone crowding to put their gifts in an area all at once. When it came time to start drawing gifts, we had a "list master" who assigned everyone a number and kept track on whose turn it was. You can also have an excel sheet where everyone can see their number and keep track of their turn. While It's tempting to crowd around the main event, try to use your office space to your advantage instead; spread out throughout the room, but have the presents in an easy to spot area.

3. In Office - Smart Exchanging

Who could forget the funnest part of a white elephant? The signature of this exchange is stealing gifts, wreaking havoc, and the "ooooohs" and "ahhahahas" of stealing from that one poor coworker who keeps getting the awesome gifts everyone wants. I'm looking at you, Arti!

While it's easiest to steal directly from someone, consider putting gifts back on the gifting table instead for easy thieving access. Alternatively, place them in another area away from others to avoid crowding.

4. Optional - Get Wacky With Your Wrapping

Be creative with how you wrap your presents! The unwrapping experience can be wonderful or hilariously awful, and either of these can be a memorable moment and talking points for years to come.

On the pleasant side, one person had a gift wrapped with several paper butterflies that shot out when opened.

On the hilariously awful side, there were some outrageously dense wrapping that was near impossible to get through.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from MyCarrierTMS

On behalf of our entire team, we all wish you a safe and merry holiday. We'd like to give a special thanks to the carriers and shippers who chose to use our platform for their LTL freight needs. We look forward to continuing to grow with you in a prosperous and safe 2021.

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