• Katherine Perelas

3 Last Minute DIY Valentine's Gift Ideas

It's Valentine's day! But oh no, you've forgotten to get a gift! Have no need to fear, there are plenty of extra special DIY gift ideas that will be sure to please.

1. Bouquet of Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Making chocolate covered strawberries yourself is surprisingly quick and easy to make with very simple ingredients. All you really need is strawberries and some chocolate chips. Best of all, they're meant to be enjoyed the day you make them or the day immediately after. You can plan in advance for this treat, but you can't make it in advance. This guide by Live Laugh Merch is a great way to go all out on your bouquet, or to simply make chocolate covered strawberries.

2. Deck of Cards - 52 Reasons Why I Love You

Flipping through this deck of cards is a great way to put a smile on someone's face. You only need a deck of cards, some paper, glue, a hole puncher, scissors, and something to hold the deck together with - It could include key rings, lace tied in a bow, or whatever will secure it. Simply write a reason why you love someone onto your paper, cut it out and glue it onto a card, and hole punch the card. When you're done, secure them together. WhatsUpMoms made a great video guide on how to create this craft.

3. DIY Popup Card

Making a card yourself always feels more special than store bought ones. Make it extra special by creating a DIY popup card for the one you love. This card by Crafting Hours is sure to impress.

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